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Saturday, 3 April 2010


There's a whole lotta love flying around at the moment. Is it the start of a new season that's caused it? Or just a dawning realisation of maturity of ourselves and our feelings? Who knows?
And really, who wants to know? We analyse so much throughout our lives - music, stories, poems *shudders at thought of poetry essays*, people - that there is little left in the world that's pure. I reckon love is one of those things - it doesn't have to be explained and picked apart for people to understand what it is, it's just there, making things seem good.
And love is always confusing - is it right? is it real? will it last?
But that's the point of it. By not knowing what it actually means, we understand how it is to feel it - something analysis will never truly accomplish.

And everyone is in love, in some form or another. Love comes in many ways.
Take for instance my friends:

I love them to fucking pieces.

They make me laugh when I need to get out.

They're an all round crazy bunch. :)

So here goes...
<3 Jess Wells, Mary Leslie, Allie Hill, Lilla To, Kirstie Stewart, E.J. De Wit, Tiff Idle, Maddie Nyatsanza, Emily Chase, Patty Ruiz De Villa, Shannon King, Jess Logan, Emma Woodman, Ellie Sharrock, Esther Pyle, Clare Greenwood, Nicky Jordan, Lamorna Geach <3
You're my closest. Forever guys. :)

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  1. <3 Love is an emotion felt in many different ways and I think it is better left pure. :)