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Friday, 16 April 2010

#Shockerrr :)

Well, I never actually expected this but I got my first blog award. ^_^ yayy. Seriously, I was like o_O what now? Butt I have finally got round to passing it on :) and sorry I didn't pick 6 peoples but y'know I don't think I'm actually following that many :p.

This is "for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul." You write 10 honest things about yourself that are not common knowledge and then you pass it on to 6 fellow bloggers that touch your heart by the honesty and sincerity they give with each post.

Right so here goes, ten honest things:

1) Most people know this by now but I am freekin terrified of birds. Of all kinds. Well, maybe not ducks so much because they don't look so vicious but chickens, normal birds, ostriches, emus... all that lot scare the bejeesus out of me. Andn it's not silly because they have these beady eyes that staaaare at you and sharp pointy beaks that could quite easily kill you and then they start chasing you and you can't go faster because they can FLY. And attack you from ABOVE. O_O eek.

2) I find guys attractive. And I also find a lot of girls attractive. Am I bi-sexual? Not sure. Quite probably.

3) I have all these amazing story ideas in my head that I start and never ever finish because I get too distracted by making it all perfect the first time round. It's the same with most things I do - if it isn't perfect now, go and fix it before you move on otherwise it bugs me the whole time I'm trying to finish it.

4) I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to fire (that's not really a secret :p) but a lot of the time I prefer water. I love the sensation of being weightless and free while you're swimming, I love the sounds all water makes when it laps against an edge and I love the smell whether it's saltwater or chlorinated - although I have to say the sea rules all. :) But watching fire is beautiful. And I want both. :)

5) At my first school I didn't have many friends. In fact most breaks I was excluded from my yeargroup, which was like a mix of our year and the year above, by people who would force me to do their work for them. I never told anyone because I didn't want to stress out my mum and I still had really good friends outside of school but that's why I don't really like exposing myself because I had five years of being rejected and I know what it feels like to be Piggy.

6) I do know what I want to be when I grow up - an author, a script writer or an actress. But I know how hard it is to support yourself if you have something like that as a career which is why I also want to be a forensic scientist - and that's not based on what I've seen on tv. :p

7) It bugs me all the time that my parents are divorced because I get tired of being passed around whenever one of them is too busy. But I know full well that if my parents did live together then I'd hate it even more.

8) A lot of the time I have the need to have something in my mouth - to chew or to suck but not to swallow. So if I get bored I'll find a pen or a ruler or grab my thumb and shove it in my mouth because it keeps me occupied. And I love the taste of metal :) like safety pins and scissors. :)

9) I hold on to things "just in case". I have piles of crap in my room that I might do when it's rainy or might have time to do with my mum. I also enjoy looking back through my cupboards and reliving memories of building things or playing with toys I thought I'd lost and it takes me about fifteen minutes to decided whether or nor I should probably get rid of it. I'm great at coming up with 'But...'s.

10) >> Over there I said I have voices in my head. They're less in my head and more part of my conscience - they each have a personality trait that I portray at certain times, rarely at the same time. Some of them are more outwardly present than others but they always fight and tell me off for not doing what they want me to. That's a really bad explanation but kind of the gist of it. :p

By jove, that was hard but now comes the fun part :D
My *six* awardees are:
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  1. I always wondered why you didnt open up :/

    iLOVEyou <3 :)

  2. Oh my god. I love you. :D <3

  3. Girl you're worth millions.

  4. i got a strange site of u licking a pair of scissors,when you said u like the taste of metal...
    be carefull now :P

    and ur amazin (thanks for being my friend)