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Sunday, 4 April 2010

#Just a bit more...

I don't have best friends. I don't like setting the people I know apart by who I might like best. Obviously, I have friends I'm closer to than others but I have no-one in particular who I love above everyone else.


Well, I love all my friends. As friends. But there's this one friend, she's just... a bit of a different kind of love.

You're funny, even if sometimes it's for very wrong reasons, and you never fail to make me smile somehow. You're not my best friend, like I said no-one is, but I love you as more than a friend. You have this amazing ability to see good in people, even if sometimes we don't agree that it's there. Most of all though, you aren't scared to face the world and say "SO FUCKING WHAT?!" And yes, my Caps Lock button did just break. You have the guts to be who you really are and everyone admires that - perhaps a little jealousy creeps in there too :p



  1. And I love you too, you're a person with few prejudices if any, and you dont judge me when I talk to you. People often talk to me 'cause I don't judge, but I get bored talking to myself.
    seee you dont tell me these things, youre so sly :/ how can i know?!

  2. I don't like prejudies, they close off a huge portion of the world. :)

  3. It took me years and years until I finally called someone my best friend and I think so far he's lived up to the name. Besides him and my Bestest, I could never choose favorites. It'd be impossible because I love them all so differently. I'm so glad you have someone special too! Hope this makes you smile:

  4. aside from mine ofc, your blog is my favourite. <3