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Monday, 12 April 2010

~Beauty and Love~

What is beauty?

People often compare the feeling of being in love to "the beauty of nature and its simplicity".
To prevent depression people are told to look at "the beauty surrounding them, the wonder of everyday life".
Pretty much a similar idea.
But then you have the media's version of beauty that causes serious drops in self esteem.

Evidently, these terms are completely different.
And of course language is filled with words that change meaning relative to their context.

But how can beauty be good if its hiding dark secrets behind it?

Nature may be calm on the surface but looking closer is when you see the cruelty needed for an animal's survival. Sacrifice, cold-heartedness, brutality...
Yeah, alright, it's only expected but...
Well, how can love be compared to that? Is that all love is?
A beautiful facade that hides a blanket of pain and emotion behind it?
Being in love may be wonderful but does it lead you to decisions you would rather not make, as nature leads animals to life-or-death situations? Why then is it so necessary to constantly go through that to feel the joy and wonder of life?

Ahh, no I'm just being too cynical. I should stop.
Stop writing, but I can't help thinking it.

Why has it become so important to be in love when humans rarely remain with the ones they "love"?

Is it something wrong with me then that I don't understand the need? Or perhaps, I've lost the need. Why do I even care? Shush.

1 comment:

  1. The tragic background of beauty only adds to its appeal.
    I think people like the danger and darkness behind it, because that danger and darkness, attracts us, that primal feeling is in us too.~

    I'd stay with the one I loved.