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Thursday, 20 May 2010


"You know what makes us so British? Spunk, spirit and tea." :)

Spunk perhaps not so relevant but no matter who you are, everyone has a natural fighting spirit. *The tea of course comes once the fight is settled and everyone needs to relax in front of the old telly box.*
Even if you're a pacifist you need something to keep you going when you're spurned for not being patriotic or mocked for being a 'wuss'. There's a fire inside all of us that gets us through the hard days, the mind-numbingly boring weeks and the troubling hours. Fair enough, it's closer to the surface in some but even it's buried beneath layers of emotion or defences it's still there to keep us strong and to stop us giving up.

When you look back at your life there will always be decision you regret making. But giving up is one mistake we don't always have to repeat. Of course there are times when letting things go is hard but necessary but sometimes it just takes that one last, exhausting, final push and you can end up in a much better situation.

Don't give up: listen to that fight within you and keep going until you know there's nothing else you can do. Even if it doesn't work you'll know you did all you could.

:) x


  1. Oh Gabbi I love you. :D You basically just wrote about what I have been thinking for the last two days. <3

  2. Methinks it's on everyone's minds at the moment then :)