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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


It fascinates me how music can bring out certain moods.
It can make you cry.
It can make you laugh.
It can make you want to sing or hum as loud as you can just to feel the joy of expression.
It can do so many things and what is it really?
A bunch of notes and words that combine to somehow form a melody.  Something so simple affects us in such a huge way. Why are human emotions so influencable? *Is that even a word?*

Sometimes, I hate how quickly emotions can be changed by something so... I can't think of the word but it's like an elephant being dented by a fly landing on its head.  That sounds weird but I know what I mean.


  1. we usually listen to music that reflects our emotions at the time. it reminds us this feeling which emphasises these feelings.
    e.g if you're in love and listen to romantic music you feel even happier. If you're angry and listen to heavy metal is makes you angrier (which some people like ... :P)
    and in movies you feel poignant in a moment and the music helps you feel the emotions you're supposed to.
    it's very complicated and perhaps there's no reason to why music makes us feel the way we do.
    I just kno i love it :D

  2. Therre are different perceptions on the emotions music can make you feel I guess as everyone experiences it differently as we all have different preferences.

    The point being, that the fly, in this case the music, can dent the elephants head because it allows the fly to. Or in other words which make more sense, we allow the music to influence us. In some cases it may be because we want to empathise with something or someone, or others we just want to feel different things to what we're normally used to.

    It's an odd thing.