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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Everyone has dreams - of what they want to be in life, not the creations of your brain's playtime. Trouble with dreams is they're often ambitious- no, scratch that.  They ARE ambitious.  They have to be, otherwise what seperates dreams from just plain goals?  They're idealistic and they're usually unattainable.
Reaching your dreams must give such a sense of... euphoria.  Trouble is you can spend your whole life chasing them and collapse from exhaustion before you get there.  It takes guts to keep going, push yourslef that little bit harder and stretch that tiny bit further to get there.

So the question is, do you risk the fall and chase a dream or play it safe and gradually lose momentum, roll to a halt?

I want to say that I'd never give up on my dream, but I know I've already abandoned one and I doubt I have the balls to stick with another.


  1. Sometimes that dream is a person. A person just always one step ahead, and you never stop running.

  2. if a dream is really worth it, you'll never give up :) x

  3. Guess you just need something that inspires you enough so that you dont lose hope. I am sure you will achieve whatever it is that you want.. you just need to work hard for it. <3