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Monday, 22 March 2010


Oh. My. Gosh.
That really is all I can say about today. The hysterics over nothing, followed by the attempts at being depressed, all the time worrying about where props were, how we were going to do make up and general what-not.
For all the fun we have in drama it's foooookin scary when we have to go out and perform. Wait, no, scratch that. It's scary before. When you have to wait backstage for the applause that means you're next. That's when the butterflies are going like crazy. Then you're up on stage and everything just flies by - somehow you remember what you're supposed to be doing, where you're going, what to say.
Obviously things go wrong. Like tech stuff.....*grr* but even then you're still running on adrenaline and everything seems to fall into place.
Yes, we had a drama exam today. A moderated one at that. For our GCSEs. Now it's over, I want to go back and do it all again. All of it. I hate the pre-performance panic but the nerves actually help because they stop you from over-thinking while you're doing it.
But yeah, all of it gave me such good memories. Devising, "practicing", performing, watching, teching - everything about it makes me more and more certain that I will never ever stop doing drama. Somehow, one way or another, I want to be in a theatre, working, performing, watching, I don't care but the whole atmosphere - I just fall in love with it.

Our group - well, I think it's fair to say our piece was not what you'd call normal - but it was amazing. It worked, and what's more my reliable source said it worked well. ^_^ YAY. I actually love you guys so much for filling the past three months with the most fun drama lessons I've ever had.
And god, everyone else who performed - you were immense. It's so nice just to sit and watch my closest friends get up and show off their amazing acting skills and then be able to watch more good friends do the same thing and more and more...
This whole day, despite all the stresses about dying friends and tomatoes, has truly been one of the best days of my life.
And I wanted to say - thanks guys :) only you could make it that great.

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  1. aww i knoow!! today was amazing..i think it has definitely been a challenge, and i am so proud of all of us for facing the challenge so remarkably well...
    i is like a sanctuary like jess says...and i fall in love with it too...i am really gonna miss all of it
    its brought us all so close together...this is something that i will not forget..
    love you gabbi! xxx