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Saturday, 6 February 2010


Don't you think it's strange that looking in a mirror is a different experience for everyone?

For some it's a reassurance, others a struggle. Some find it purely impossible to view themselves as others would, preferring instead to base the opinion of their appearance purely on what they see when they look down at their own body.
It can be very different - what you think you see and what you are actually seeing. Mirrors have the ability to show us the truth when we believe no one else. But they can also lie and distort shapes beyond recognition which, although amusing, can sometimes destroy people.

For something that shows a reflection, it's a terribly tricksy object. One slight alteration to the angle of the glass and BOOM you've got a completely different image. I often wonder if the same goes for a personality. Alter it by just a fraction and you end up with a new person, a totally changed being.

So is it good to try and alter the way we view each other? Not just by changing the mirror but by forcing them to change too. To suit you or to "make them fit". Perhaps we should leave them be, leave them to get by. After all, who knows what you're going to end up with if you go round making alterations?

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  1. It's been so cold in New York this winter and dark and whatnot and I haven't worn sunglasses in so long. But I finally put some on today and I walked into a store and saw my reflection and was like, who is that guy, before I realized it was me. Amazing how you can forget what you like in just a different season. I should really start remembering my own face.